The Negro Motorist Green-Book

African-American travel in the mid-20th century is the subject of several new stories and projects focused on exploring the history and legacy of the The Negro Motorist Green-Book, a travel guide for black motorists that was published between 1936 and 1967.

Recently, Copenhagen-based author, chef, food stylist Amanda Yee reached out to us about her new piece “Celebrating the Shoe-box Lunch,” which shares GARLIC & GREENS’ interest in the intersection of food and travel:

Also out this month is Episode 201 of the beloved design podcast 99% Invisible is dedicated to the Green Book:

Here’s a piece about the Vermont’s “tourist homes” by a Sarah Yahm, a long-time friend of GARLIC & GREENS:

Finally, here’s a preview trailer for an upcoming documentary called the Green Book Chronicles, by Calvin Alexander Ramsey and Becky Wible Searles:

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