“Sensory Anthropology Meets Neuroanthropology”

Recently I received an order for the Shoebox Lunch project from William Hope of Knox College. Professor Hope is teaching a Sensory Anthropology class this term and is using the Shoebox Lunch project with his students to spark discussions about the intersections of embodied research, story, and material culture. If you are reading this and you happen to be one of Professor Hope’s students, we’d love to hear your feedback! During our email exhanges, Professor Hope tipped me off to a shout-out about the Shoebox Lunch project in an academic journal about neuroanthropology, the interdisciplinary study of culture and brain science. The essay was written by Lexi Winter, an anthropology grad student at the University of South Florida. There are so many interesting links and examples of sensory anthropology in Winter’s essay, you should definitely check it out to find out about this expanding field of social science research: http://blogs.plos.org/neuroanthropology/2014/06/11/sensing-subjects-2/


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